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How secure is the parents’ webcam?

Our webcam is provided by KidsVision and is very secure. Please click here for more information.

What do you mean by “systematic approach to phonics"?

As your child learns to recognize the letters of the alphabet, he/she will also learn each letter's sound. The letters are not taught in alphabetical order; they are taught systematically. Once a child learns two letters, he/she will be able to form a word. For example, "a" is the first letter taught in our curriculum. "S" is the second. Your child should be able to slide these sounds together to make the word, "as.” This not only instructs the children as to how words are formed, but also builds confidence in their ability to read.

Why is there a school year and Summer Camps?

We follow the Williamson County Schools calendar; our school year is August through May.We are closed two weeks after the school year ends so teachers can prepare their classrooms for summer camps, which end the last week of July. Then we are closed for two weeks until the school year begins again. Note: Even though we follow the Williamson County calendar, we do not have half-days. We also call our own snow days.

What is Outdoor Education?

We take a multidisciplinary approach to curriculum enrichment; of course, learning occurs outside as well as in a classroom. Outdoor education encompasses learning about the environment, conservation and gardening, and includes participating in outdoor adventure and recreation.

Exactly how is your facility state-of-the-art?

Geothermal energy heats and cools the school and we have a bio-ionization air purification system, which eliminates odors and reduces mold, viruses and bacteria. (Read more about this system here.) We also installed a school-wide sound system that plays soothing music as the children transition from one place to another. A fingerprint security system only allows authorized persons access to the children.  Our PreK class are equipped with SmartBoard to extend learning.

What security measures do you have in place?

Building entry requires a keycode. There are two security doors through which parents and guests have to pass to get to the classrooms; building entry requires a keycode; hallway entry requires a fingerprint scan. Parents are given three car tags for the pick-up line. If a person in the pick-up line does not have the car tag, we will check their ID and make sure they are on the authorized persons for pick-up for that child. If that person is not, we will not release the child to him/her until notified by the parent. We have a video camera in every classroom and on the playground so that parents may view their child during the day. (These images are recorded and kept for several months.) The Directors also monitor who and how often the webcams are accessed.

Do you provide online registration?

Yes. Please click here for online enrollment instructions.

How can I feel like I am a part of the school?

At PB & J, creating a community in our school is very important to us, and parents are always welcome. We have a parents’ resource room with parenting books, magazines and videos available for check-out or use during school hours. PB&J offers parent workshops, socials, community outreach activities and field trips.

Will I be informed of my child's daily activities?

Yes. You will receive a weekly classroom newsletter and a detailed daily log communicating what your child did that day, how much she ate, how much she slept, her behavior and much more. We believe these daily reports are essential for open communication with PB&J parents.

How will I know how my child is progressing in school?

Teachers do assessments two times each year: at the beginning and end. These assessments help both teacher and parent see how the child is progressing. Two parent-teacher conferences are scheduled each year to discuss this progress.  

What does PB & J stand for?

Peanut Butter & Jelly, of course! It also stands for Patricia, Brooke & Jennifer. Brooke and Jennifer are the founders of PB & J; Patricia is their mother and an original investor in the school. All share a love of children and teaching.


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